Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday for E

Cake by DH, what can I say, the man can do anything! 
 Cake pops are my contribution.  Bakerella  makes it look so easy I didn't make them until an hour or so before the party, much harder than I anticipated!  Then the food markers I bought wouldn't write on the candy melts so I used the only frosting in the house to make the eyes.  I've read a bit more on Bakerella and apparently I should have thinned the wiltons candy melts with some veg. shortening, that would have made them much smoother.  Also, there seems to be only one kind of food marker that will write on candy melts and they don't sell it at my Michaels.  Good to know, I'm going to try the cake pop thing again, just not anytime soon, lol.

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