Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally finished, map panel quilt

I've had the panel forever and finally got it done for the boys to play with.  I quilted along the lines of longitude and latitude.  Now I can bring their foam puzzle map to Goodwill and they can still play conquering the world!

I made the binding out of scraps, but they seem to blend okay.  I was really lazy and quilted some lines with white thread until it ran out, then I just lightly touched them with black permanent marker to make them blend in better = )


Anonymous said...

My son loves maps and he would love a quilt like that!! I am going to have to find that fabric!

Kelly said...

The panel was made by Fabric Traditions, I would really love to see your end result! I really love seeing everything you quilt, actually. = )I think you could do some really awesome things with a panel like this, sea creatures, waves, topographical quilting lines, so many options!