Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan doll quilt

So, the theme chosen for this months dqs was "where you are from".  Right now, I am living in Nebraska.  The flags represent different things from the area:
It is windy almost every day, hence the kite.
There are home made bee products all over the place here, so the bees.
The state bird and flower are on the last flag.
Nebraska is home of the arbor day foundation, so I put a little tree flag on it.
And, we spend a lot of time at the Omaha zoo, so what could be better than some teeny tiny zoo fabric!

The center of the sun is made from corn fabric and there are wheat and grass fields at the bottom.
I hope the recipient likes it.  It was quite a few days of discussing placements and sewing, then resewing to try and get it to look right.

I'm still unable to fmq on my machines, so I did a simple line of quilting around the sun and puposefully left the "sky" loose and poofy to give more of a cloudy sky effect.  I wish I had put an extra layer of batting behind the top, now I'm worried it is just going to look wrinkled when it gets to the recipient.

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