Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If you love selvages you must check this out!

I'll post pictures later if/when I get permission from the creator!

Riel graciously sent me this picture to add to this post, it was so nice of her to take the time to do so!  I highly suggest checking out her other creations, I really enjoyed browsing through her blog.


Riel said...

Thanks so much for linking me up Kelly! I browsed your blog and I see you and I share a hexie addiction. I really like how you fussy cut yours. I haven't made any for a while and I have no plan for mine yet (the bag holding them just gets fuller and fuller), but I like to use novelty fabrics for them like you do.

Kelly said...

You are very welcome, Riel! For some reason I just love looking at hexies, even unsewn ones. Maybe we can do a swap sometime, I often get more than one of the same fussy cut pictures from my scraps! That would be lots of fun!