Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toy Story 3 Mr. Potato Head

Ethan has been asking me for a few days to make him something soft so that he can make Mr. Potato Head like the one in Toy Story 3 (Mr. Potato Head as a tortilla).  Here is the first prototype, we'll see how it holds up.  He loves it.

You can also see the patch I sewed over his glasses.  The adhesive ones were just to uncomfortable for him, when he has to wear it so often now.  So I sewed a patch over his spare glasses and he just switches them out when he comes home from school.


Bev Gallegos said...

My 3 yr old grandson watches Toy Story 3 repeatedly every day. I think your Mr Potato Head is so great!
My question is: how are you getting the pieces to stay in the tortilla?

Kelly said...

I made a sandwich of cotton and fleece and then tightly zigzag stitched the holes. When I cut the holes out I tried to only cut the cotton and poked a hole in the fleece. So far that is holding the parts in tight enough to let him be carried around and played with. I guestimated the size of each hole based on the parts, some of them are bigger than others. My son picked where he wanted each hole to go. Good luck and I would love to see a pic if you were able to make your own!