Monday, September 29, 2008

toy wheels and pegs

I buy premade wood axles and wheels from

after that it is simple... pre=drill holes that the peg will just fit in, then dab in some glue with a toothpick or similar small piece of wood, make sure the wheel is facing out properly, insert the peg and stick both wheel and peg into the hole. With the capped pegs you need one peg for each side and if they are too long there will be a large space between the toy and the wheel... in that case you may want to trim the peg or just double up on wheels (which makes the toy more stable)... there are some other tips and tricks to be found, I'll ask tomorrow if it is ok to share with the person I learned them from.

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realfEZ said...

Hi Kelly,
Great info there. That should definitely solve my problem. Cheers.

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