Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alligators, Day Two with Scroll Saw, pattern

I downloaded their pattern here and just neglected to make puzzle cuts so they boys could play.

Painted with watercolors, still trying to get beeswax.

The bottom one with the wonky leg was made in a hurry when my oldest boy suddenly realized the youngest had an alligator and he didn't.


Larry said...

Looks like your having fun making the toys and the kids are enjoying them. On the beeswax issue - if you can not find any - go to your local hardware store - home depot or Lowes and purchase the wax ring that goes between the toilet and the floor - it is made of beeswax. (They are very clean when you purchase them.)

Kelly said...

Wow, thanks!!! I almost didn't see your comment, I'm so glad I did = )